An excellent little tropical escape for sweethearts. (Or person friends if you can manage the Bosom Buddies thing). And it's brief enough, so that you'll still be friends by the end of the trip.This is going to sound weird, but if you are visiting Cayo Coco with family, then you will have to prevent the Melia resort. Gain access to and remain to th… Read More

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My daddy, Angus L. Koolbreeze, Jr, who worked as a building and construction professional all his life because his late twenties, died of cancer on Monday, March 3, 2003, at the age of 70. So regrettably I can not get the phone this Sunday, June 15, and call him to wish him a delighted Father's Day. I could, however he will not be answering the pho… Read More

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Jumbo bags are also called skip hire bags or bins. They are uni function however multi lateral in their usages. One doesn't generally contemplate on about what an avoid hire bag is or what it is used for. Especially, considering that we are all so wrapped up in our own worlds and busy schedules that we barely ever have time to consider something ot… Read More